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3 Frequently Neglected Auto Maintenance Tasks

We can all agree that driving a car is fun and great but the auto maintenance, not so. No one enjoys this task. Given that the car is working just fine, we are all happy to use it and not thinking much about its maintenance. It is critical to perform maintenance and servicing on the car on regular interval regardless if it is working fine.

Performing general vehicle maintenance can keep your car in top shape and excellent condition. This at the same time can help you save huge amount of money by preventing replacing or repairing major parts. Aside from that, the lesser you have to claim to the insurance, the lower the premium that should be settled on the motor.

Doing regular oil check and oil change is deemed to be a vital step of performing car maintenance. Still, there are many car owners who are not tracking when his/her engine needs to be changed. Always remember that having insufficient oil in your engine or letting the old one sit on it can quickly heat up the components in your engine that can open up other issues. And mind you, fixing these issues can set you back loads of cash which is most likely the least thing you expect. This is the exact same reason why it is important to have the engine checked regularly.

While doing regular oil change is a smart idea, it won’t be enough to maintain your car. It is due to the reason that you should be making the effort to rotate your car’s tires regularly. The reason why tire rotation is important is simply because it prevents uneven wearing of treads and balance the tires. More often than not, when you have uneven treads, your car might lean or pull on one the other side of the road which can be pretty dangerous. Keep in mind, you are in public road and there are hundreds upon thousands of vehicles using it at the same time; with worn out tires, it can be extremely dangerous for the driver, passenger and other motorists.

Another vital task of auto maintenance is checking and filling the tire pressure. The sad thing is, much like with oil change, numerous car owners disregard this. Tire’s pressure is decreasing as time passes but due to leaks, it can go lower than what you expect. The air in your tires should always have the right proportion because if not, it will make your tires touch the road making it damage the rim and spoil the treads. On the other hand, you must not overfill the tire because it could burst.

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