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Why You Need To Tour Vietnam

Vietnam, also called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country that is located in South East Asia. The country has had to come a long way and has a lot to showcase. In fact, it is considered the fastest growing country regarding tourism.

The fact that such a country offers some of the unique and great attraction sites is indeed undebatable. The mountains and valleys, beaches and islands, cities, villages and people – you will not hesitate to come visiting such a country for the second time.

The Vietnamese are the kind of people you would describe as optimistic. Not unless there is another way to describe a nation that sprung up right from war devastation and build a formidable economy in Asia. And they won’t stop anytime soon. The UNDP will consider it one of the fastest growing soon after the war.

The Vietnamese are a people that love travelers. It is considered the most hospitable people in the whole world. If you have been through some stressing moments, and are even frustrated, it is essential that you consider visiting this great nation. Vietnam has plenty of attraction to sites. And each of these sites come with extraordinary features.


This is the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi is thought to be the liveliest destination you can visit. What is more, Hanoi city is the second largest in the country. Hanoi is located along the Red River. That is why the city is commonly referred to as city between rivers. Hanoi has some of the oldest temples in the nation.

Then there is Halong Bay. Halong has two parts, the Eastern and Western Halong. The eastern part is set aside for industries and business offices. One the other hand, the western part is for tourism and all the related activities. The Halong Bay has an impressive world heritage site.

The caves and the limestone’s grottos are tremendously spectacular. What is more, the bay is distributed to nearly 3000 islands. It is the climax of the Vietnam. You will find remarkable pagodas, enormous historical sites, and temples – you can’t miss enjoying the best part of this nation.

Then there is the Phu Quy Island. It is one of the ten chain islands on the Phan Thiet Sea, 120 km to the southeastern part of the country. It is constitutes to the Phu Quy district. Phu Quy island is the largest of all, and is the most beautiful. It has beautiful scenery.

It is pleasurably cool all year round. It has crystal clear waters coupled with attractive reefs – a fascinating beauty to behold. It has a calm atmosphere, such a great choice for honeymooners – a haven far away from the struggles of the busy city life.

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