Style Tips for College Guys

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A man’s pride emanates from his aptitude to impress using fashion and style. All men prefer different trends in fashion. Whether you go for in-person classes or you have taken educational online courses, the fact is that every guy in college should seek to wear trendy and cool outfits. This article aims at helping college guys dress appropriately and offers essential tips.

Be confident in your dressing

The trick to having great styles lies in being confident in the attire you’ve worn. It is important to understand that all persons have their preferences and taste. To make your style and preference stand out self-confidence is key.  You may have an outfit with the best style, but with no self-confidence, you lose it all. Self-confidence is a fashion statement that should accompany your chosen style. To build confidence, understand your body type and wear a style that suits it.

Don’t overspend on trend

A majority of college men tend to select what to wear based on prevalent trends. While it isn’t bad to go for trends, it is important to note that college doesn’t need overdone styles and thus do not spend too much on the trendiest wear. The truth is that trends always come and go and trending fashion isn’t that cheap for college students to afford. By going for prevailing fashion trends, you will be straining yourself by spending much of you hard-earned money on fashion trends. It’s not wrong to try brand new clothing’s but if you find it’s too expensive, look for alternatives

Put on fitting wear

Young men should not go for oversized and baggy wear. Though some may prefer loose cloths, the truth is that perfect fitting wear always makes men with a young and lean body look cool. Young college men should follow one golden rule while shopping for their clothes if it doesn’t fit you don’t buy it. Even with fitting wear, always go for what you love.

Have a watch

There are multiple types of watches available, all of which suits various tastes of men. The type of watch you go for plays a part in shaping your style. For example, a plastic watch isn’t suitable for a man. College men should go for stainless steel leather strap watch. Preferably the colour black. Such will help form a positive impression.

Put much emphasis on quality

It’s not always that you should go for looks. Instead, quality also matters. Quality and style are intertwined. Quality clothes will always leave you with a great look.

Essential clothing items college guys should have in their wardrobe

Nice shorts: Cargo shorts are an excellent choice for university guys, for warmer months ensure you have a pair of dressier shorts. Go for neutral colours such as grey or tan.

Nice jeans:

There are numerous colours and styles of jeans available. College guys should make sure that they select dark wash jean, with no holes and with hips that fit snuggly. Though casual, these jeans can be worn in classes and are also great to wear while on dates.

Polo shirts / Crew or V-neck T-shirts:

Polo shirts offer the versatility advantage: they can be worn with almost anything, from Khakis, jeans or even shorts. Best colours to go for in a polo shirt include red, black and royal blue.

Casual shoes:

Shoes should be selected based on the occasion, based on your budget you can go for loafers, light-weight boots, canvas slip-ons and boat shoes. Ensure that you choose colours that complement your clothes.

Casual long-sleeved shirts:

Casual log sleeves shirts are an excellent choice for college guys. On warm days you can always roll the sleeves, and on cold days you can add a sweater over it or a T-shirt underneath. These shirts fit well with khakis, jeans and shorts.

Nice jackets:

Always have a decent spring jacket and a warm winter jacket in your wardrobe. You can also wear sweatshirts when hanging around. However, sweatshirts should be avoided when attending important college club meetings or while going for your internship.

 Flat-front khaki pants:

Based on your preference, you can select the khaki colour that best suits you. Some of the colours available include black, brown or tan. Bright colours are also available. Khaki pants have flat fronts, slim cuts and comfortable styles.

In conclusion, college is a critical stage of life, and guys should be cautious with their dressings styles while in college as they create impressions. Online entertainment shops such as zavvi 4k will help college students who need to purchase such equipment.