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Things That You Can Do With Customized Koozies That You Never Thought Of

Koozies have always been known to be one of the best products for their promotional products to be given in the trade shows and during summer festivals. You should consider other uses that can be applied when you purchase the customized koozies. When you are ordering the bulk koozies, you should consider the following uses once you have branded them.

They Can Be Used to Prevent Breaking of the Lightbulbs

The light bulbs can easily break and you must ensure that you protect them by coming up with the creative ways. The light bulbs can be effectively stored in the perfectly designed koozies to ensure that they do not break off. The koozies are smaller in size which allows the bulb to fit properly inside them.

They Are Added To Maintain The Proper Temperature Of The Car Gear Shifter

The koozies are one of the important products that can be easily used to prevent the shift gears from getting too hot. When you will be parking your car and leave it in the sun, you should come with the effective plans to ensure that your gear shifter does not become too hot when you touch. You will feel comfortable when you enter your car and touch the gear shifter when you use the koozies.

Protect the Floor from Heavy Furniture

When you have decided to upgrade your furniture and go for the high-density types, you should also have a budget for the koozies. By now you know the heavy furniture are one of the leading product that will scratch and damage hardwood floors or even damage the carpets. using the koozies in the legs of the furniture is one of the best ways to ensure that cushioning is provided to prevent any form of damage.

Use them to Roll and Store Large Posters

The koozies are the perfect way to ensure that the rolled posters are properly stored. The folding of the posters is prone to damage and inserting the ends inside the koozies can help them look better.

You Can Store Your Earrings in the Koozies

It can be very difficult to maintain proper storage of the earrings especially if you have several of them. The koozies provides the perfect storage that can be used for the earrings.

Although the koozies are mostly known for their marketing and branding purposes, you should ensure that you use them in other different ways. There are multiple vendors who will give you the best prices for this product when your research deeply and when purchasing in bulk.

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