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What are File Extensions

With the advances in technology, our PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are capable of doing more than ever before. With the help of the numerous pieces of software, one can achieve multiple different tasks. You can create documents, make image files, upload pictures and so much more.
Computer files have specific features that depend entirely on the program that you used to create them. This sometimes may require you to use the same software that was used to create a document if you want to view it. Alternatively, it could mean that you have to turn a file type so that it can be available to you on your device. The only easy way to go about this is by understanding the file types and file extensions.

File Extensions?
The last part of a file name is what is referred to as a file extension. In the early development of computers, file extensions only contained up to seven different letters. But since 1995, developers have been able to add a full stop to the file names and today, you can generally create a file name as long as you like and simply follow it with a file extension which usually starts with a full stops and then followed by a few letters that indicate the type of file. File extensions are useful as they help you to quickly identify the type of file that you have received or created before opening it. If you are interested in learning more about file extensions, reads more at File-Extensions.org.

.doc and .docx: All the files that end in these types of extensions belong to Microsoft Word. This is one of the most common pieces of word procesing softare out there thus the likelihood of you have created and saved documents in the past or received a word document at some point. Doc files typically contain plain text but can also contain images, tables, graphs, and other type of imroramtion. .doc is the original file extension by Microsoft Word that allows documents to be opened by this software alone. The .docx was developed to assist other word processing programs that cannot open the .doc extensions. The .docx permits other word processors to view a document created by MS Word as the behind the scene coding work has been carried out in the XML.

.jpg: .jpg is an extension for lousy graphics files. This file type can be opened by most image viewing software and image editing software such as MS Paint and Photoshop. It is the most popular file type as it compresses the image making it easier to store, share, and also display on sites.

.pdf: a pdf is a file format that is used to capture and send electronic documents in precisely the intended format.