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ELearning in generally refers to any type of learning that takes place through or with a computer. This step generally involves numerous interactions between the customer and the eLearning vendor. The Internet can offer the logical solution for a company’s education and training objectives. Thanks to the numerous advantages offered by e-learning, this kind of education is becoming more and more popular, prevailing over traditional higher form of education.

This is particularly relevant for ‘emerging adults’, that is to say, those who find themselves at that stage of life when their scholastic or univ…Modern-day economic and socio-cultural developments require people to be ever more specialized and mobile in their educational and professional choices.

Availability of wide-range of texts, diagrams and images with video and sound, including virtual reality technology makes teaching an interesting and effective process that holds the interest of students in the classroom. Opting for eLearning also means that courses can be pared into shorter sessions and spread out over several days or weeks so that the business would not lose an employee for entire days at a time.

Therefore, all training and e-learning that ends with a certification or formal degree is in much greater demand than optional or non-degree based e-learning. The next e-Learning training event will be held at NATO School Oberammergau, October 21 – November 1, with a one week online course phase prior.



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Business enterprises are therefore required to form a network of learning establishments where inter-company exchanges of solution, idea, strategies and knowledge could be promoted.
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Today online learning, also called as e-learning, is a new form of education. If you have any questions, or need any more information about our e-learning courses, please use the contact us page via the help menu at the top of this page. Educational environments that are friendly, smart or intelligent, open, personalized, and can seamlessly support anytime anywhere learning or training.

The academic standards of private accreditation organizations may not be on par with those from some online learning institutions. In most cases, this type of e-learning is used when the end user has a very slow internet connection or limited bandwidth. With e-learning there are sometimes more chances for problems in this area, so spelling out a definite policy is crucial.


A Learning Management System (LMS) worthy of your time (and money!) must provide an infrastructure that allows you to plan, deliver and manage e-learning programs in your existing and future formats. Students who take e-learning in China have a strong preference for video-based learning. E-learning can include things such as internet-based learning, computer software based learning, and virtual classrooms. E-LfH is currently developing and delivering over 150 e-learning programmes in partnership with the professional bodies such as Royal Colleges and associations, Department of Health policy teams and other arm’s length bodies.

The aim should be to create a software development environment that enables people to customise their own software solution. E-learning is growing rapidly and is often associated with the Internet. The most cited advantage of e learning is that it allows students to learn remotely.
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Human beings are designed to learn from one another with both verbal and visual hints in order to retain new knowledge. Studies have shown that students who take online courses are typically drawn into the subject matter of the class more deeply than in a traditional course because of the discussions they get involved in.2 This engagement is further facilitated by the fact that instructors do not monopolize attention in an online environment.