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What to Know Before Hiring Strippers for a Bachelor Party

Hiring a stripper for bachelor party is a brilliant idea as a send-off to that guy friend who’ll be tied and enter the married life. There are certain rules that are followed when working with such type of entertainer, both unwritten and written.

So if for example that you have ignored these rules, it won’t just make you look like a fool but also, be humiliated by the dancers in your own party.

The one rule that must not be broken is that, dancers who perform at the stage are also people. They have feelings, dreams, desires and thoughts and they’re up there for their job, to bring entertainment and not to be treated as animals at zoo.

As you get a stripper to perform at your party, here are the things that you need to be mindful about.

Number 1. You won’t get laid, it just don’t work that way – try not to make the mistake of calling an entertainer and believing that you will get laid. Odds that this will happen is very unlikely and if ever you go to the kind of place where it’ll happen, you’d be getting a chance of contracting something that you do not want to have. If you try to initiate sex with one of the entertainers, they can actually report you after their gig and cause you to be banned from hiring another one in the future.

Number 2. Make yourself aware of the touching rules – some strippers have explicit rules when it comes to bodily contact with themselves. While there are clubs that allow dancers to touch you, but won’t allow you to touch them. Then again, there are clubs that have little regulations about it. Well if you are not sure about these rules, then you better ask first prior to making a move.

Number 3. Bring loads of cash – you are going to make a fool off of yourself if you call strippers to dance and perform on your party without having money to tip. Keep in mind, the moment that the dancers have sensed that you are frugal, they would quickly lose interest in going to you, a great way to spoil the night. Bringing paper money in small currencies to be used as tip is enough to make these dancers dance for you.

So long as you make yourself aware of these things when hiring a stripper for your bachelor party, you will do just fine and everyone else will probably have the best night of their life.

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