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Qualities That Make an E-Commerce Website Appear Unattractive

People who have a demand for goods or services are called customers. Nowadays, many customers buy goods over the internet. This is known as e-commerce. The sellers normally have websites where they post the items and services they offer with their important details such as price, quantity, discount and material among others. A customer is supposed to create an account with the seller on the internet. An online order form is then filled clearly indicating customer and items’ details.

After the order is approved, the items are delivered to the customer’s doorsteps. The customer then makes payments after confirming that the goods he/she has received are the right ones. The online sellers make sure their websites are excellent in order to pull in and hold back more customers. The following are features of a bad e-commerce website.

A bad looking websites repel customers. A website which is ugly and unappealing tend to receive few visitors. To make an e-commerce website appealing, make sure it is simple and has perfect designs. Many adverts, large images and videos, bad fonts, poor themes and many animations make a website less attractive. It is not necessary you design your website. In case you disregard this, you will definitely receive a low number of buyers.

Customers are set back by an unresponsive e-commerce website. Nowadays, a lot of internet enabled devices have been invented. Tablets, mobile phones, palmtops and laptops among others can also access the internet. These devices have diverse display properties. A good e-commerce website should be displayed as it is on all these devices without hiding or reducing the quality of the content. A website which changes the content in different internet-enabled devices is upsetting. Visit the Pixel Productions Inc. website to learn more.

An e-commerce website with many pop-ups disappoints a lot of customers. Adverts that appear suddenly and without being expected are known as pop-ups. Pop-ups normally make the viewing of the content difficult which is very disheartening. To attract more customers reduce or do away with pop-ups on your website.

A website that takes a long time to load is frustrating. Internet users hate slow websites. This may be as a result of poor internet connection, slow devices and the nature of the website. Websites which have a lot of content such as videos, animations, images and other large files takes long to load. As an online seller, make sure your website has few of this large contents.

A boring website is unattractive. A boring website is a website with old content, outdated design, unattractive colors and generic photos among others. Make sure your website bores no customers.

Consider the above in order to come up with a good e-commerce website.