28 Best ways to entertain yourself at home

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Have you been trapped at home, completely clueless as to how to spend your time? That case scenario can be really awkward and frustrating.  Maybe you feel you have too many options to even begin to pin one down or maybe you feel you have a few due to lack of time and resources. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to entertaining yourself at home, there are many things you can do. The list is endless. Staying at home does not mean being bored and isolated.  Magazines direct suggest that you can take online courses academies to learn and entertain yourself.  Here are some things you can do to learn and entertain yourself while at home.

  • Exercise (It’s free and it’s good for you).
  • Play your favourite music and get up and dance.
  • Watch YouTube videos.
  • Watch a program on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.
  • Read a new book. There is this sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from reading a new book. eReaders are a great resource for browsing scores of contemporary titles, as well as free classics, such as Tales of the Brothers Grimm.
  • Reread an old book.
  • Start an Instagram or Twitter for your pet.
  • Bake some cookies.
  • Draw, if you are artistically inclined.
  • Skype or Face Time with someone you don’t normally see.
  • Create your own nut butter, be it almond, peanut, or walnut. Get creative!
  • Turn to Pinterest for D.I.Y. and inspired upcycling ideas.
  • Try out a new cocktail recipe with ingredients around the house.
  • If you know an instrument, play it.
  • Take online quizzes on websites like Buzzfeed.com.
  • Explore your phone or tablet’s app store and make use of free apps.
  • Create a blog on a website such as blogger.com or wordpress.com.
  • Make a sock puppet with an old sock and odds and ends around the house.
  • Go window shopping online. It’s like window shopping at the mall, but the multiple checkout steps are a deterrent for actually buying anything.
  • Write reviews for your Amazon purchases. It’s oddly addictive to do and helps your fellow buyers.
  • Make a collage with magazines and newspapers sitting around the house. Frame and hang it for cheap, D.I.Y. wall art.
  • Run diagnostic, clean up, and maintenance tasks on your computer, such as running an antivirus software and making sure your computer is completely up to date.
  • Take some photographs around the house or of the world outside your window using either a stand-alone camera, or the one built into your phone.
  • Create your own pesto with a fresh green (basil, spinach, arugula, etc.), olive oil, your nut of choice, fresh parmesan, and salt and pepper.
  • Write a poem. Turn to the internet for how to write haikus, limericks, ballads and more.
  • Organize a cluttered area of your house, such as your closet or your junk drawers.
  • Collect clothing and non-perishable food items you no longer want for donation. This idea is double duty: You are giving to those in need and de-cluttering your home.
  • Brew and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Take time to savour the beverage, and pick out flavour notes.

The list is endless and great to get you started. Sometimes entertaining yourself requires a level of creativity on your path. Next time you get bored at home, look around your house and get busy doing stuff you’ve not done in a while. And with the plethora of opportunities available online, there’s no end to the ways you can entertain yourself at home.