Will the Risk of Getting Blind or Developing Macular Degeneration Multiply when Faced with the Blue Light Emanating from Electronic Devices?

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Blue light and macular degeneration — Blue Light Exposed

Daily, questions are thrown to retinal professionals about the effects of blue light emanating from electronic devices. These professionals take care of problems affecting the retina. The reply to this question is simply no, and that there is no quantity of blue light emanating from these electronic devices such as LCD TVs, laptops, smartphones as well as tablets that is injurious or damaging to the retina of the eye or any part of the eye.

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What does blue light entail?

Blue light simply means a clear light, having a wavelength ranging from 400-450nm. It is usually blue as the name implies but sometimes can be white or any other colour and still be thought to be blue. This blue light is a major concern as it possesses a lot more energy per photon of light than others in the clear spectrum which can be either green, blue or red light. Therefore, when the blue light emits large doses, it can cause damages when it is absorbed by several body cells.

Blue light and LED technology

Some of those incandescent sources of light such as sunlight have a wider spectrum of light. Therefore, LEDs bring forth a proportionally small amount of light made by the producer. This makes individuals perceive light emitted from LED as white. It can also be made in a way that is almost the same as other man-made sources of light. Although, white LEDs emits a lot more blue light than other sources of light traditionally even if it is not noticed by the user. The blue light is usually not harmful to the retina of the eyes, but rather it brings about reduced or less sleep and also affects the rhythm of your circadian clock.

Effects of blue light

When we deal with consumer electronics, they are often regarded as harmless to the eye retina. However, when the intensity of the light is too high, it is potentially harmful to the eye. In the light industry, these blue lights are filtered on purpose to protect those using them. When one compares the adverse effect of smoking, high blood pressure, ageing, cardiovascular diseases as well as series of exposure to blue light in certain levels when it comes to consumer electronics, it is insignificant when it comes to the high risk involved in blindness or macular degeneration. Although, it is evident in recent times that blue-light-blocking lenses are not supported to safeguard the health of the eye retina. Those involved in its advertisement have been convicted and warned against spreading wrong information concerning blue light lenses.

The blue light emanating from these electronic devices does not multiply the adverse effect of blindness or macular degeneration or even pose a threat to the eye retina or other parts associated with the eyes. But in the same vein, the use of these devices can alter or disrupt other sensitive parts of your health such as sleep or circadian rhythm. If you happen to be among this calibre of people, you should visit your doctor and take precautionary measures by reducing the number of devices with blue light you make use of at night.